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Feb 24, 2021
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Good Day All
Not being one to leave well enough alone, I would like to upgrade my low beam head light relay on the '65 Newport to a time delay.
The system, as it stands now, has 4 terminal relays, the plugs are the five cavity style. If I understand the internet searches, I would need a 5 terminal relay to accomplish this. So, that would entail the addition of a wire to the # 87A terminal. This would be energized from the #30 terminal. If I understand this correctly, I would have two wire from the #30, one to the #87 terminal the other to the #87A terminal.
Am I correct in my understanding? Are there any other pitfalls that I am not seeing?
Thanks to all who respond.
This is how I wired mine.


Looking at something like this it seems the wiring is the same and the delay is built into the relay. In the video they show what happens when you unplug the standard 4 pin relay and replace it with this 5-pin delay relay. I don't think you need to do anything with pin 87a to accomplish this time-delay but...I am NOT AN EXPERT!!

I believe the pins are the same though, pin 87 is powered when the relay is switched "on" and 87a is powered when the relay is switched "off".

Very curious though, is the goal to make your low-beams run as Daytime Running Lights?
I missed the "time delay" part.

That said, it seems to me that it would be wired the same as I did using the relays that @mgm1986 has linked.

The big difference between the 4 connector relay and the 5 is it can be wired so the relay either shuts off or turns on (the 87 and 87A) terminals. 87A would be hot when the relay is not energized.
Good Evening
Thanks for the replies.
My intention is to have the low beams stay on for a few seconds AFTER the key is off.
All the videos that I see show a delay on start-up. I want to do the opposite. That is why I'm questioning the wiring.
Thanks again

Then this is probably what you are looking for, pin 87 stays powered for X seconds when switched OFF.

I'd have to look at the wiring diagram to figure out how this would work properly. I'd think you would switch this relay on with ignition and imagine you need this to be installed so it turns off all your lights, not just low beams.

I'm curious about this, I may install one of these since my dash is on my kitchen table at the moment.

Curious what others may have done.
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Looking at the wiring diagram for my 1968 300 I came up with the attached diagram.

Using IGN1 (Key in "Run" position), turn on the time delay relay, which provides power to the headlight switch.

The relay would be powered constantly from the Headlight switch power wire. When the key is in the "Run" position, this relay would send power to the headlight switch.

When the key is turned "Off", the relay would stay powered for "X" seconds before it would turn off power to the headlight switch, turning off all the lights.

I highlighted the pros and cons that I could think through. The biggest drawback I can think of is that your headlights will no longer work without the key in the run position. But it would maintain your headlight switch functionality so when you turn lights off they turn off immediately.

Very curious as to what others think about this approach.

Time Delay Headlight Relay Wiring.png
Sounds similar to a delay-off on the light circuits. Plenty of separate modules that do this. Most with crappy instructions.
1970 Plymouth B-bodies had this as a factory option. Get the service manual wiring diagram and look at how they did it.

Operation was to have the headlights on, turn off the key, then turn off headlamps, they will stay on 45 seconds.
Thank You for the info. I downloaded the '70 Plymouth Service Manual and found the most readable schematic under Valiant. ( I didn't know that the 'A' bodies were blessed with an option like that.)
Interesting that they fused the 'control' side and not the battery feed side.
Now I just have to 'overlay' the factory wiring with the headlight relay wiring that is now installed.
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Good Afternoon
Just got off the phone with a tech from Accele. Accele is a relay company in CA. Paul appeared to be knowledgeable about relays. I told him what I have and what the goal was. (headlights to remain on for several seconds). I had looked at their BU509TD relay and it looked like it would accomplish what I was trying to do. I called to verify and to inquire if any addition wiring mods were needed.
To my surprise; NO. The relay is a plug and play. Terminal 87A is not used.
Attached is a schematic that he sent. The relays cost between $20-25 with a $5 shipping charge (I think).
Haven't ordered yet, but its on the list.
Apologize for the fuzzy pic the BU509TD is on the bottom. The top pic is a delay on version.
Delay Relay Wiring 001.jpg
Good Afternoon
Received the relays from Beuler.
It is truly a plug and play upgrade. Headlights will remain on from a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes depending on where you adjust it.
Very satisfied with the results.