To Craig, I've been in France the last few days, will be here another week. I've been having Internet problems, I could access the site but not get messages, don't know why but sorry if you messaged me and got no reply.
If I could help in any way PO'LARA let me know, I'm seeing your message, could maybe relay for you if need be.
Hey Ross, Great work digging those up ! I just ordered a 10" set and have my order in with Craig so now I just have have to wait and see how much the customs sting me for, likely 200 bucks min.
They're very arbitrary over here, you never know what they'll hit you with.
Thanks for finding them, they were the last piece of the puzzle, I'd probably have gone with the old ones with a dab of weld filed down but it'll be nice to have everything brand new .

On the 30th I'll be in the legendary Ronnie Scott's jazz club in London to see Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, it's the last night of 4, 2 shows a night, got a ticket for the early show and have my name on the guest list for the 2nd. I saw them in 2018 in Dublin and was blown away so am very excited to see them in Ronnies.

I hope you are well and I'd still love to see some pics of your wagon.
Cheers from Hugo
Gulp !!!!
$ 50 for two (2) of them ---- I remember when they were $ 4.95 each !!!
Too bad we didn't find them before we sent all the other items to Hugo /
P O'LARA---- we could have put them in that box for " F R E E ".....

The --- SHIPPING --- on Hugo's order --- New York to Ireland --- was
$ 151.00 for a 26 pound box .....
Yikes! Such is life, eh Craig?

Hugo - sounds like a wonderful night of music at Ronny's!

I may have found the hood edge molding - stay tuned.

Pics of my wagon are available at - click on Gallery, scroll down to Cars. Each picture can be opened to full size by clicking on it.
I hear you, Ross....
Tis a shame --- because Hugo / P O'LARA is a Great Guy--- and it would have been nice to do him " a solid ".....
I took care of him, with his package deal, at least.....
Thanks for that Craig, such is life with the formerly $4.95 parts, now $100 w/shipping, but now I'll have EVERYTHING thanks to you and Ross so Happy Days.

Hi Craig and Ross, my package has arrived with customs and I just paid the duty, it went something like;
Mr Smith, we have your package and require immediate payment. Bend over!
Me ; How far ?

Ridiculous. As is the same here too sadly - anything they think they can suck money out of you for is done without your consent... and the rigamarole that one has to go through to apply to get it back is monumental, and takes YEARS...
Still waiting on pics from a place regarding the front hood edge molding on a 64 Polara... the part will likely be around $200 + shipping... what I'll do is if I get a picture from this vendor (trusted vendor by the way), I'll just put you right in touch with them and you can take it from there. I won't bother getting your hopes up further until I get something I feel is worthwhile sharing with you.
Thanks Ross. There's NO chance of getting anything back off these robbers. Over here they are legally entitled to enter your home and take anything you haven't got a receipt for.
About the hood trim ; I'm sure I still have my somewhat crooked trim somewhere but 3 years ago we moved out of the house for a rebuild and there's some stuff I haven't been able to find yet. Thanks for looking, I'm still interested.
Just on the plane headed for Ronnies !!
Christmas came early !!! Got my brake package today, I'm well happy !!

Love the 4 pages of parts with prices, great style .

Just waiting on the actuators then full steam ahead.

Thanks to Craig and Ross for all the research and sourcing, really looking forward to having a completely new set-up on the rear.
Hugo / P O'LARA,
I am glad that you got them (fairly) quickly .... Thank goodness the Post Office has cleaned up their act and returned to semi - normal time of shipping.....

Old school, hand written, clear, and informative invoice --- the way I will be until the day I die ( or get Alzheimer's !!!)

Thanks again --- I will be happy to service you anytime.....

Yours, Craig.....
Hi Craig, For reasons I won't go into here I only just opened the brake package today only to find that the 10" stuff does not fit . Looking back at the correspondence I did say they were 11" but failed to correct you when you mentioned 10". I think this me and that most of the hardware is wrong too but I think the cylinders are ok. Do you have the 11" stuff ?
10 " I S 10 " --- and there is Early & Late ----
11 " I S 11 " --- and there is Early & Late ----
AND --- They Do --- N O T --- Interchange......

So, since this was many months ago,
What car do you have ??, etc., etc.,....