CATL 2023: C-bodies At The Lake on Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 16-17, 2023 (Route 66 from Chicago to St Louis)

I know many here don't monkey with theirs like I do tho
well, this is certainly why I had to run a piece of cardboard in front of my radiator for the whole trip.
stupid construction made me miss my milestone by a bit. I've owned the Fury since 1997 and 42,000 mi
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Good story to read, all the pics and such.
I wish I had braved the trip with my '68, but I wasn't confident in it making such a long trip, it's only had short drives in the last 15 years.
Was worried I'd have a breakdown along the way and inconvenience everybody.
Apparently I shouldn't have worried about that. :rofl:

What month in 1997 did you buy your '70? I bought my '68 in May of 1997.
I can't read your 1st digits (is it 98k?) but I think I'm ahead of you.
well, I put 50k on it myself, that's not so bad. 40k on my motorcycle. And we both have other hot rods that get some mileage as well...