Chads Yellow Polara thread, New dual exhaust, wheels on!Yee!

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Interestingly I saw much about glamour but little about safety. The first thing I do in any old car I have purchased is to go over the braking system. Old master comes out and new goes in and that is mandatory for any old car. Rear drums are gone through with new shoes, hardware and drums if they fail to mic out. Same in the front whether drums or discs. New drums or rotors if they don't mic out. Lines all flushed. Hydraulic hoses all replaced. This is mandatory safety work on any old car that has been sitting.

Next work would be front suspension work from shocks to ball joints to bushings. All that was done on my 73 Polara when I picked it up after sitting for some time. I did work on the engine at the same time getting it to run correctly down to the timing set and ignition. Not until that was done was the car then taken on the street. Not until that was done did the car get the glamour work as in new exhaust, body work, new vinyl top, new headliner, new tires and new paint.

Nice job but not to the impressed level.