Clutch Rod Boot/Seal


Jul 31, 2018
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Newmarket, Ontario Canada
Hi there. I am looking for a clutch rod boot/seal 61 Newport 3 spd A745 manual trans. No part numbers are in my 61 parts book, but the 60 parts are listed as drawing 6-50-10 Boot #1731 232, 6-50-11 Seal, boot #1731 234, 6-50-12 Reinforcement, boot #1731 233. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
I am pretty sure that the numbers you listed from the 1960 catalogue are NOT for full size cars. You are correct, there are no numbers listed in the 61 catalogue for the full size cars, but them same numbers you listed from the 1960 catalogue ARE listed in the 61 catalogue, but ONLY for the smaller cars. Hence I don't think they're correct for full size cars. I could be wrong...

I checked my 1962 catalogue, and while things may have changed between 61 and 62, I think the platform for 61 and 62 for the full size cars is nearly identical, and there are numbers for the boots for full size cars listed in the 62 catalogue.

I do not have the knowledge to say for certain these numbers would work for your 61, but they might. Others who do have the knowledge here may be able to chime in and advise. In the mean time, here is a snapshot of the 62 catalogue with the numbers for the boot.