Galen Govier

Broadcast sheets are over-rated. Don't lose any sleep over not having one. Mostly mumbo jumbo with squiggly lines from rusty seat springs running through it. They are as brittle as old **** paper too! By the time you dig one out from under the seat you can't make out a thing and then wish you left it where it was. Like ancient hieroglyphics too. The fender tag tells you WAY more info. In my opinion anyway.

Sarcasm I hope......

GO is a big waste of time for you and most C body guys, As others have said, share your information here and many should be able to help
Guess I was never really interested in those that much. I took a few from my cars but like i said most were in pretty rough shape and it was back before the age of the internet so they were almost impossible for me to decipher. Same as fender tags. At least the fender tags are right up front where you can see them. Sorry, but to me there just not that important.
To simplify things the build sheet is a cars birth certificate.

Not all are brittle toilet paper. I have two very pliable sheets
Galen released a list of build sheets that he had accumulated over the years and it was published over a 6 month or so period probably 6 or 7 years ago in the Mopar Collectors Giude. Iirc it was maybe 500 or less and I'd say that you have a better chance of being struck by lightning.
Thanks fellas. I put up a post on the fuselage section. I'll add pics shortly. Thanks again!