Got a deadline? And need parts for a 1963 Chrysler?

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Sep 21, 2022
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Upstate New York
The local Memorial Day parade organizers asked if I would agree to drive my 1963 300 Pacesetter convertible in their parade. In the past, I've shepherded veteran honorees in my 1960 New Yorker. But now that it was known that I had a convertible, "That would be so much nicer!"

"Absolutely!" I replied.

So there is now ONE WEEK to go before the parade. Of course, the brakes on my 1963 suffered a total lockup from a failed master cylinder, cooking the front brakes and damaging the piston seals in the left front wheel cylinder. I can't reuse the old seals, not even for a 3 mph parade.

Local auto parts stores were extremely helpful and patient looking to help me out. Two of three had no solution. No piston seals, no rebuilt wheel cylinders. Shop number three, "No piston seals. But we have the wheel cylinder. I'm seeing one in stock in another store." Only 20 minutes away! Great! I got the part number and headed out.

I went into the store, bought left AND right wheel cylinders (the last ones -- buy 'em when you see 'em) and drove home. With hope, I'll have the car back together by 9:00 am Monday, ready for the parade and the thumbs-up smiles.

Don't you love having to find parts and fix your car on a deadline? Got any tales to tell? Isn't this a great hobby?
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I'd be worried about my radiator as well for all that parade idling, but brakes are on even par with that. Then you have to keep those you are chauferring from sitting on top of the back seat, but that's another story....

Good luck, and enjoy showing off the 300
To be honest it sounds like the wrong stuff ( anything but dot 3) was poured in the master. Swells all the seals and wrecks the whole system. Be sure to completely flush it out.
Well I had a slightly similar experience. Drove my '68 Chrysler 300 to Carlisle last year, and after shutting off the engine at the hotel, I see smoke wafting out from under the hood. Now this car only has 32,000 miles and the engine was supposedly completely rebuilt by the PO, so I was not expecting any kind of mechanical failure. What I found was the power steering hose, which looked brand new, had a pinhole leak. So off to the nearest auto parts store. Found a Federated store at which the guy said he could get me one by the end of the day. Sure enough, a few hours later he calls and says your part is here. Was able to get it swapped out in a few minutes.