Heater valve - I guess it still looks stock?

Here's another... Saves you $23. EVERCO WATER VALVE H1949 t284 | eBay

I have used the same valve in my '70 300 and it works well. I did one extra thing... I installed a small shut off valve in the hose to completely block the hot water from circulating. That keeps the AC just a little colder, or at least that's what I hope it does.
Thanks for the link and advice on the shutoff. Bought the valve , and will let u guys know if it solved the issue.

Read a bit more on the topic. And the one i have now from a VW works like most vacuum operated valves -w hen it gets vacuum it closes. That why on the temp bar i have to have the temp set to hot for it to blow cold, and on cold when i want hot air. Also don't have blend. Well i guess the VW wasn't designed to work with a Chrysler ;) The plus side is it doesn't leak, and it's a really small and sleek design. Kinda surprised it survived the baking heat in the engine compartment - really hot in the summers!
Got it yesterday :)