NOT MINE Low Mile one owner '76 loaded New Yorker 4DHT


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Jul 6, 2013
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Saw this car last year when I was up there for the Dream Cruise - long-time friend selling his mother's one-time ride. As called, impeccable, and he was fussing over the interior lights when I spoke with him yesterday - they've stopped working since the images were taken. He has two Superbirds, and a '70 GTX 6-pack that he got for graduating high school, in his extensive personal collection - this is strictly a reluctant disposition, not a money-making venture. Maybe someone on the board can give the old girl a suitable "forever home"!
I saw that yesterday on Hemmings. I love the color combination and overall condition. That would make someone a really nice cruiser without breaking the bank. I hope it finds a good home.
I'm not an expert on the NYB, this this sure is a beautiful example.......... desirable color combo, too......... it should do well............
okay, no sunroof:
For posterity and future possible reference:

VIN: CS43T6C125651

I love those Premium Wheel Covers! I wished I could get my hands on a nice set! Great color also.
For those not familiar with Auto Temp II, feel free to look it up.
For those of you familiar, here are a few Excerpts from the listing:


"Q: Do you know what the problem is with the aircon as well as the 2'STICKY' parts? Thanks
mct1654asked 11 days ago
A: Not sure what the problem is with the A/C. It is the Chrysler Auto Temp II system and I can't figure it out. Relay and the switch were replaced, but the vacuum system controls the on/off. I'm pretty sure it is the blower motor and will include a new Chrysler Mopar part with the sale. I have been unsuccessful finding a local shop that knows anything about this system."

"SELLER dak440 8 days ago
To answer a couple of the questions asked below. yes the air shocks hold air. As for the A/C, I have found many NOS components in my father's inventory that will be INCLUDED in the sale. Most of the parts are in original Mopar boxes including: blower fan, compressor clutch, vacuum push button switch, heater box resistor, and a factory new compressor. My guess is there is a vacuum leak preventing the electrical switches from functioning. I found three lines disconnected by my 91 year old dad!"
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I'll call fishy on this one too, unwashed whitewall spare on a used wheelcover rashed rim, at least it looks like it has the Mopar very rare as Mark Wormhead sez tire valve extenders with the tube hole center even though it looks like someone used pliers on it. Jack base has been used too, unusual for a supposed very little driven car. At least the Ziebart guy went to town on it but a awful lot of rust on the rear axle and the shocker is all the road grime on the oil pan. Top dressing the engine with paint must of been a real job as I see very little over-spray anywhere, looks like they disassembled all the accessories to get down to the bare block, but it sure does make the engine 'POP' (until you look underneath). my 2¢