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Pertti K

Sep 24, 2020
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Laukaa, Finland
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I recently bought this '70 Imperial: Pertti's 1970 Imperial Lebaron
I like the car a lot, but I feel there might be a bit too much to do before it's good enough for me to really enjoy it (I have another project as well). So I started thinking that I would try to find a better one and sell this.

Fuselage 300, New Yorker and Imperial are my favorites, body style 2 or 4 door HT. Also same era town and country could do. I prefer good original or "survivor" over restored. Big block in a fusie is a must. I'm located in Finland, but I have a contact in US who can take care of things locally. Good home guaranteed!

Please contact me with at least one photo and price, I'll let you know if I'm interested and we can continue from there. Thinking around 10-15 kUSD, but I'm prepared to spend some 20+ kUSD at maximum, but for that price I'm expecting something really nice!

PM or email: pertti.k.heikkila at gmail dot com

I don't know if I'm allowed to say it in here, but I'm not limited to C-bodies. Also any tips for '57 Buick/Olds, any '60 GM, '66-71 Toronado / Eldorado, gen2/3 ElCamino, "Doc" Hudson, full size STW, 30's or early 40's luxury sedan etc. are welcome...
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