My New Bus!

Congrats! The car looks gorgeous. Look forward to the interior photos.

I can't wait to see the interior.
I did get one good pic.

Congratulations on a great score.
Your 300L is the perfect color for the bankers hot rod.
Very nice! How original is the car overall?
I have history going back to the early 90's and cosmetically, it looks like one repaint and the seats and carpet have been redone. The car is rust free. Mechanically, it's had some minor stuff done here and there.. Kind of typical things.
I did get one good pic.
that interior is beautiful. all the chrome is good. the aluminum fills on the door panels are clean. steering wheel is not cracked. great seats, everything. if you can't get a/c at least it has power widows. a truly nice car. rugged and dependable. many happy miles, sir.
Jeezes, John, that car is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations. How did you come across this one you lucky bahstahd?
It's funny... I was at the 300 club meet in Hershey, PA a couple weeks ago. I was talking to a guy I know (he lives 1/2 hour away from me) about how I'd like to get a 300L. He says "I have one I can put your name on". One thing led to another, as it does, and after a bunch of emails, I went to look at the car. Perfect scenario... I like the color combo and accessories, price was fair, condition is what I want with just a few things to "putter" with.. and a half hour away too. The stars aligned...
They are more "place holders" and they have to go back. The previous owner didn't care for the original wheel covers. It's a drum brake car, no discs available until 1966.

Honestly, I'm struggling with a wheel choice... I'd almost like to stay with the stock wheel covers... But that's a 14" wheel and that limits my tire selection.
I'd like to make a suggestion.

I was hoping the interior was as good as the exterior...very,very,very nice!:thumbsup:
Brought it home yesterday. Note hazy skies from Canadian wild fires.