Need help on trim for my 66 Fury

Thad dude

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May 6, 2022
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Seal Beach, CA
I bought this convertible missing most of the trim. Thanks to y'all, I've been able to secure all the missing pieces. Now comes the tough part. How do I mount them?
The prior owner removed them all and appears to have trimmed off the mounting studs and clips.
I'm hoping that someone has a brilliant idea how to get them on. My fear is having to drill out every spot and use aftermarket universal spring clips and bolt them on from the inside.
Thoughts guys?

While I'm picking your brains, I am cleaning up the trunk and plan to paint it with trunk spatter paint. Any recommendations of brands, methods, and how many cans do I need to buy?

door trim.jpg
Sorry to tell you but the trim is held on by spring clips which are bolted from the inside. I had to find some that were close to the original and in some cases modify them. There are two or three styles used on the car.