New purchase 1968 NewYorker TNT


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Nov 23, 2013
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Chilton Wi
Hi, I'm sure some have seen this car before. I barged my way into the owner selling the car. He didn't advertise and didn't really know he was selling till I asked to see the car.l. I had been trying to get a hold of him for the past year. He doesn't come on the forum much and that was the only way I knew how to contact him. I had seen this car perhaps 7-8 years ago at the Mopar night show in Milwaukee and it caught my eye. For some or perhaps many, the car won't do a thing for them, I bought it because this car is near pristine condition and I 'm a detailing kind of guy at this point in my life. I've enjoyed working on my black NewYorker but I hate getting up and down. Here's my latest Chrysler.










Did the 68 TNT come with those HiPo exhaust manifolds or were they added? I thought TNTs had the log manifolds. Just curious.
Funny, I got some Forward Look glasses from the son of the original owner of that dealer.
Great score! Looks like a lot of '68 NYs out there, other than the TNT engine option. Gold was a good color on those cars. Seems like they were immune from sun fading, too!

That is a great score! The condition looks amazing. Perfect stable mate for your 2 door NYer. I have always liked those vent shades on sedans and wagons too. Great period correct add on.
I want to "Thank-You" for all the thumbs-up and nice comments. I will have to do something about the CB antenna on the rear. Most of my cars I've had to have transported. This one, I drove home perhaps 20 miles. drove nice. If anyone has a source for new 14" tires, I'd appreciate a link (not coker).
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. If anyone has a source for new 14" tires, I'd appreciate a link (not coker).
The passenger 22575r14's are of the way of the dodo bird.
Best to get some 15 inch C body road wheels or Mirada 15x7 alloy wheels.
Both look goood on a 68 NYer with 22575r15 or 23570r15.
I have both sets and csn bring them to Volo!
Pm if interested!
Awesome cars Mike. Amazing you find these TNT's, very rare. Seeing the cost as less than $80 it's surprising that it didn't have more takers, a lowly AM radio was $20 more.
Love the gold/green combo! I've always considered that one of the most attractive color combinations in any big car.