New to me 1969 Fury I 318 auto


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Feb 11, 2024
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Carson City, NV
Hey everyone, ya'll have probably seen this car before or similar, there's one other identical one in North Texas (mines probably a clone) for sale right now. Just picked it up for 8900$. It's really clean only needs new tires. I definitely want to do a PST rear sway bar; any other worthwhile budget friendly upgrades ya'll recommend? Thanks in advance nice to meet you all.

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Excellent score! I love the look of that Fury, especially done up for law enforcement duty. You found a very cool car.
There's at least 1 more in Texas that was on craigslist the light was detachd and there was some visible. This 1 i found photos of it from a NY police museum event in 2005.
Yeah but are they real police cars with a PK VIN? Being a dolled up program plain jane PL or PE car even though it may have some verified police history don't really mean it's all that special.

Funny thing, just recently I watched this crime show on a serial killer up in Long Island NY, decade old unsolved crime that was just recently solved. Manhattan Prostitutes, Loner Manhattan businessman, many bodies turning up on a desolate Long Island beach roadway wooded/swamp area, corrupt police captain that was indicted that hindered the investigation, FBI etc. etc. etc. Thing that was common to this car is that the Suffolk County also are know as 'Police' not Sheriffs.

Watch the full 'Eyewitness to Gilgo Beach' documentary.001.jpg