Performance indicator swap

T/A 392

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May 27, 2019
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Macomb MI
Just wondering if anyone has swapped their performance indicator for a tachometer? I searched the forum and didn't see anything on it. If you did, would love to know what you did!
By Performance Indicator, do you mean Ammeter?
Some people have swapped their clock for a tach.
Mopar Connection bought a 70 Fury Rag.
You may want to talk with @Welder guy for directions
No what you are talking about is for the 69-70 cars. I would love to do that for my 70. This is for my 68, here is the performance indicator

I don't usually run tachs, but I install vacuum gauges. A vacuum gauges gives plenty of info and helps with the fuel consumption on long drives.
I bought an aftermarket tach and swapped it into the housing. I had to fabricate a bit of bracketry to hold the tach mechanism in place. That was over 20 years ago and I can't find any pics of what I did, but it's definitely doable. :)