Power Steering Gear Leak - '68 300


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Jan 22, 2014
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Pittsgrove, NJ
First major task at hand with my 300, fix the power steering leak. After cleaning up the old grease and oil I found where the PS fluid is leaking from (hopefully the only leak). It looks like a job that may be tackled without removing the steering gear. It seems the two nuts that hold the "hose bracket" can be removed and whatever gasket is underneath could be replaced.

Based on these pictures, any suggestions or input if it is possible to fix this without removing the gear? It looks like this "hose bracket", which is where it appears to be leaking, is new/newer as it is shiny and not painted black like the rest of the steering gear.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

PS Pump Leak_1.jpg

PS Pump Leak_2.jpg
Most likely the rubber o-ring in between those two parts. You shouldn't need to remove the gear box for that. Just unbolt those two bolts to remove that top part. Be aware though, once you put it back together, you'll need to SLIGHTLY adjust it left or right (depending) with soft taps before torquing it down, to keep your steering wheel from steering on its own. It has to be line up square.
there are 2 o rings under that valve. And when you adjust it it moves from front to rear on the car. Not left to right.

To check adjustment jack up the front wheels off the ground and support with jackstands. Now start the car and does the steering wheel move left or right? If it does this valve needs to be slid up or down until the steering wheel doesn’t move at all when starting the car.
One other thing about removing and replacing that valve body, when you start the car after bolting it back on, don't hold on to the steering wheel.

Although I've never experienced it myself, I have heard stories about how the steering wheel can spin hard left or right on start up. I think someone on the forum here hurt their wrist.
Perfect, thank you for the info. I'll review the FSM to better understand what I'm getting into but it's helpful getting tips from folks who have done it.

I'll get a rebuild kit and keep you posted.
Before you loosen those bolt take a scribe and mark a line between the valve body and the case. That will give you a good starting point on alignment when you re- assemble. Yes when you restart it your steering wheel may go to one side and kill the engine. It is a matter of finite adjustment.
Thank you, all. This information was very helpful. Before removal I confirmed the wheel did not spin at all when the wheels were off the ground and I started the engine. I pulled the hose assembly off the steering gear and found three o-rings, all super flat and definitely in need of replacing. Makes me wonder how the seals in the gear box are doing. Cleaned everything up and reassembled and at first glance it seems the leak is fixed. I will need to make a slight adjustment to the hose assembly as I notice a very slight bump of the steering wheel on first start and when shutting off the engine but it doesn't spin on its own with the wheels off the ground so the adjustment should be minor.

Fingers crossed this solves the puddle of steering fluid under the car!

steering gear with hose assembly removed.jpg

Bottom of hose assembly.jpg