Power window track roller assembly needed! or parts help needed?


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Nov 9, 2020
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All: working some bugs out of my rear quarter power window assembly while winter is upon us. 67 Chrysler 300 rag top. Glass was sagging inwards and upon removal I found that the plastic roller on one side of the track slot was broken. I am hesitant to ask if this is a replaceable part, or does one buy the roller and retrofit? Any suggestions would be much appreciated as usual! Cam Shaft


Ok, so I cut the broken half of the roller off because I wanted to see if the steel shaft was consistent all the way down into the mounting bracket which it is. So now to find the plastic roller. A little digging and I found out that the window rollers off of 67 to 70 Chargers and Cudas were supposed to be the same. Logged onto RT specialties website and voila, here is the roller, and only 5 bucks to boot, however shipping is a bit steep. I bought two, just in case I bust one, or the passenger side could use a new one. On the underside of the bracket, it looks like the little post was press fit with a punch, maybe to flare out the little stud and hold everything together. (it is not threaded, which would have been nice!) Going to head down to my pals machine shop tomorrow and see if I can get that stud out of there in one piece and come up with a new way of reattaching it once the new roller is slipped over. Stay tuned. Cam shaft

Window Roller.JPG
A little update here on these. I have not received my new rollers yet so not sure if I can re and re this original bracket to go back onto my 300, but, I found one through a contact here on FCBO and they arrived early this week. These are out of a B body, and the bracket is slightly different. As well the roller is only 1 inch in diameter, as opposed to the 1 1/4 on mine. Further, the roller is on a shaft that pivots with a little ball swivel. Although the diameter of the roller is slightly less, the important part is that the inside diameter of the roller is the same, so it fits into the slide with no issues and the little swivel probably allows the bracket's two little steel wheels to move around the curve in the track without as much friction on the plastic roller. So instead of waiting for the new plastic roller to arrive, I installed this one today and it works really well! Happy days right? Wrong! I had hoped that the new roller would have fixed my wobbly rear 1/4 glass, but it did not.
Looks like I will have to pull the regulator and motor out and the tracks so I can remove the glass and the lower glass frame, and have the window removed and reinstalled, or pressure fit into the frame. Now, I have read and reread all the posts on here about removal of the spring nuts from the regulator arms to remove the rollers from the ends of the regulator arms and that looks like a royal PITA, but obviously it can be done, so I will order some new clips.
I have thought about this a lot, and need to pose a question to all. When the lower glass frame was assembled and inserted into the window at the factory, there is no way those workers lay down on the floor of the car, reached into the access hole and clipped those rollers onto the ends of the arms. If they did, there is no reason to have the "key hole" at the extreme end of the slots that these rollers go into. It would seem to me that if you lowered the window and the window frame into the window opening from the top, then tilted it slightly backward when it was about 3/4 of the way down, the roller on the end of the regulator arm should be right at the key hole and slide right in. Tilt the window forward, and your in, without trying to get that clip on the back of the roller once it is in the hole and there is no room to move. Does this make sense? Anyone done this?
PS: whoever the ******* was that designed the rear seat hooks that are on the floor to hold the front of the rear seats should by hung by the toes! Those bastards are sharp and even with a couple old sleeping backs on top of the them, they feel like a gaff hook in the spine. CamShaft

More on these rollers and the F%#! rear 1/4 glass window in my 67 300. As explained above, the window bracket and roller a fellow member sent me, he believed from a 68 Chrysler, has a slightly different body, the roller itself is 1/16 of an inch smaller in diameter, and interior running surface of the roller is slightly larger than the bottom bracket, which came out of my 67. The two small metal rollers are the same size so it slides onto the track no problem, but the top roller out of the 68? is way too tight to fit into the guide.
So after taking a bunch of measurements, I suddenly realized that the guides in the lower window frame are two different sizes. There are two guides on the top of the lower window frame (for the rollers that are installed with the spring clips) and there is one guide on the lower half of the window frame which attaches to the vertical track. The two roller guides that are closest to the glass window (green tape) are 1" wide, and the other one on the bottom (Blue tape) is 15/16". The 68 Rollers will slide nicely in the green brackets but no chance in the blue bracket. WTF. This is too much! So, I have a couple of choices here. Hope that the new rollers I ordered fit the blue bracket, have some made out of aluminum at a machine shop, or enlarge the width of the blue guide to accept the rollers that seem to be more readily available. Anyone else run into this? Very surprising to have two slightly different sizes on one door. Will update later, after a sufficient cooling off period. CamShaft

Update: As mentioned above the two roller brackets look very similar, and the small steel rollers that fit into the tracks are the same size, but the big plastic rollers themselves are a different size that what comes on a 67. Very disappointing. So I still need one of the larger plastic rollers (1 and 1/16) to attempt to repair the bracket that I have. I ordered a set from RT Specialties on Dec 15 or so, but so far nothing has shown up, and numerous attempts at contacting them to find out the status of my purchase have been ignored. Maybe they sent them by horse and buggy. That is also disappointing, to say the least.
In the meantime, DetMatt has once again stepped to the table, and offered to sell me a couple of originals that he (always) seems to have! They are on their way and once in my hands, I can finally finish the drivers rear quarter window.
On a positive note, my passenger rear 1/4 glass was sometimes in need of a little assistance going up, and I thought, what the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound, and took the PW window motor out today. Took the motor out, and I see that someone else has been in there, as the motor has "74 Newport" written on the side. This is not the correct motor for my 67 as the mounting bolts have a different orientation.
I opened it up, and it is beat to rat ****. The plastic pucks were in little hunks. Went into my stash of motors, found the correct one that I had already rebuilt, swapped the mounting brackets and reinstalled it in the car. I also saw that I had 3 of the new pucks left, so cleaned up the incorrect motor, installed the new pucks, re greased everything and test ran it on the bench. Good as gold. Ran the new motor and the window up and down for a little test and everything is smooth as silk. Something positive for a Friday!