Rear Quarter glass out of whack! Help!


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Nov 9, 2020
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British Columbia
All: Just spent the morning taking off all of my door panels, removing the power window switches and testing all the individual power window motors in my 67 300 rag top. Thankfully, all of the motors work nicely and it is obvious someone was in there before me, as both doors had access holes drilled through the door skin to access the 3 mounting bolts on the power window motor. My drivers side rear 1/4 glass has always been painful, the switch was toast, but the 4 gang up front would move it up and down with a lot of complaining. While testing the motor I noticed that the glass is cock eyed and once run up to the top it kind of sags inward. I though maybe a roller was toast or broken but it turns out the window has come halfway out of the channel that it sits in at the back but is still being held in place at the front of the window. My question is: How the hell is the window held into the track? It looks like some kind of glue to me. What is the best way to fix this? There ain't a lot of room to work in there, even with the seats out, the panels off and the roof down! Any advice would be gratefully welcome!


I believe this is a friction fit with rubber between. Maybe someone glued it? I had no issue using some silicone adhesive. I also had the hardest time unwhacking my rear quarter windows after I replaced a roller years ago!?
Ok, well I think I have the solution. Figured out how to make the window adjustments, so I loosened all the adjusting bolts (4) slid the window into the optimum position, clamped the window to the front door window in the proper alignment and then made the back and forth and up and down adjustments until the rails hit the stops. Tightened it all us and presto! The window sagged back inwards, although not as much as before. F$%#@! So with the adjustments for "in and out" at the max, it is apparent that the glass has come loose from the slot in the lower frame track enough that the rails are not holding the glass in a vertical position. So now I guess everything comes out and I will see if I can reinsert the glass in the frame rail. Doesn't say anything in the Manual on how to install the glass in the lower frame track though. Does one just clean out the rail, maybe with the handy Dremel, and silicone the glass back in, or is it a compression fit? Or do smart guys just take the whole thing to an auto glass shop and let them have at it? Opinions welcome! Cam Shaft