Question about power seat switch 2926202 (and correct trim surround / bezel for '67 Monaco / Polara)


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Aug 21, 2022
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Ontario, Canada
I'm curious about power seat switch 2926202. I have one that I probably bought at a swap meet years ago. It has black switches. Hilltop auto has one on their website for $395. They say for '69 - 75 C body.

A 2018 post here by @Yeahrightgreer shows a disassembled switch with the same P/N. Center switch is missing, but the left/right switches show they have chromed toggle.

So I'm wondering: Would the chromed toggles have been for Chrysler C-body, but the black toggles for Dodge? Why the same P/N for what are obviously different parts?

I'm also wondering what a pre-'69 switch looks like, and what the P/N would be for that. Bench seat (not bucket, but maybe they used the same switch?).

I'll trade my switch for a correct '67 Monaco switch if anyone has one (if indeed it is a different switch).

And I'd like to see a photo of what the correct trim surround looks like for a '67 Monaco (or Polara?) power seat switch if anyone has this.
The pre 1969 power seat switch is a joystick type of switch that you twist to change the seat positions. The switch and the seat bezel are different as the the pre 1969 seat trim has just one round hole for the switch shaft to come through.

As for the 1969 & later switch colors, they may have switched the color to black when the formal style C Bodies came out. The trim surround may be different between a bucket seat car and a bench seat car. They were different in 1968.