Question about tilt steering colum for '67 - '68 Dodge Monaco / Polara


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Aug 21, 2022
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Ontario, Canada
I have this tilt steering column that I was told was from a '67 Monaco. I know it was from a Monaco, truth is I can't be sure if the guy I got it from was accurate or if it was from a '68. Maybe someone can tell me if it would matter (was there any difference between those years?).


What's in the picture is all I have (nothing above that like any sort of locking collar or steering wheel). The column is intact from that point down.

I'm asking because @Moparply has posted this:

and I'm vaguely aware that I think my column needs something like that (locking collar). But I'm not sure what-else it needs to make it complete. I currently have the stock non-tilt column with 2-spoke steering wheel.

And another question - should I be able to do this:


Yes, I see the ring, but what else do I need? Are the steering wheels swap-able between standard and tilt columns for '67 or '68? What about other internal hardware, nuts, bolts, etc?

And why can I pull the shaft out like that?
Yes - the shaft should be able to pull out like that - that's the telescoping part of the column. There should be a metal rod INSIDE that 1/4" diametre hole in the centre of that shaft that slides in and out - and when you have the rest of the parts, there's a bolt that screws into that, and pushes on the little rod, which in turn pushes on a set of clutches lower down and locks the column in place at the telescoping point you've selected. Don't lose it. It will fall out if the column is held upside down.

Look at the photo from the parts book below - everything is shown there.

The only major differences between the 66 67 and 68 T/T columns is that they started to incorporate the collapsing column saftey feature, and for some reason they moved away from the cable actuated turn signal arrangement to a full wiring harness system.

You need the correct wheel, centre ornament, ornament retaining ring and screws, some rubber bumpers, locking ring, locking bolt, wheel securing nut, horn bar and wiring, horn contact ring and spring, upper cover collar, lower cover collar, turn signal switch and wires, turn signal lever, tilt lever, snap ring, carrier bearing, and a bunch of other small parts. Some of those parts you may already have - I see in your pic that you've got the lower collar cover and the tilt arm and signal lever, and I see the horn ring carrier and snap ring. So you're not doing too badly!

It's not going to be easy to come up with all that without buying a complete other column.

I should have some if not most of those parts as well.
Yes I have the '67 Polara Monaco service manual. The steering column service section only shows the regular column, makes no mention of T/T column. The electrical section does show exploded view of steering wheel and associated guts, but only for the "adjustable" column, the very top-end:


It shows a completely different style locking ring.

MyMopar does not have the '68 Polara/Monaco service manual. I would have liked to see what it shows for the column and wheel/horn view.

Regarding being able to pull out the shaft, which you say is normal - so when you extend the steering wheel the housing or cover doesn't follow? You end up seeing this shaft when you extend the wheel?
So what they say about these columns being related to (or made by) GM / Saginaw look to be true. There's a '67-68 Cadillac column on ebay that I've taken some pics from to compare with what I have:


The guy I bought my column from was parting a Monaco a few years back, he claims it was a '67 and it likely was but there's an outside chance it was a '68. My column is on the top, the Cadillac e-bay column is on the bottom. Looks pretty similar. But even what's for sale on ebay (for almost $700) doesn't seem complete to me:



If anyone (or any-ones) has the parts I need to make this complete, send me some PM's. I can get the adjusting ring that was for my column, but I'd need all the rest of the parts. Which maybe isin't all that many? Like the extension cover and a few other bits? The killer would be if I couldn't somehow use my existing non-TT rim-blow steering wheel.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but the T&T wheel must be used.

Until I see a photo or diagram of both of them in profile, I'm not going to understand why.

Different shaft diameter? Different splines?

I'm really not going to care if the telecopic part doesn't function and is internally modified to be fixed. In that situation I wouldn't even need the telecoping shield/cover or the adjuster ring.
My stash. All of the wheel centers I have are Imperial but will make for a good place holder until you find the correct Dodge emblem.
Thanks for the pics and the offer for parts. I'll think it over. One thing I've not yet seen - I presume there's a rod the goes down the hole in the shaft, I assume there's threads at the far and of the rod that engages something that holds the shaft at the desired length? What is the length of that rod, it's diameter, and the thread size? - I'll probably have to fabricate it myself.

This hypothetical rod must be attached to the backside of the adjusting ring? How is that done?

That spring and all those thin flimsy-looking parts, I look at all that and think they belong in a watch, not a car. The spring is for the horn switch?

When the steering wheel is in the fully forward, non-extended position, would it match where the wheel would be for a regular non-TT column?
Correct and not. :)

Yes, there is a rod, however the rod is unmilled, and simply presses against expansion clutches at the bottom (deep inside the mechanism) by the action of the lock ring bolt at the top. It can fall out of the shaft if the bolt is not installed and the column is upended. Check first by upending the column before assuming it's lost.