Question about tilt steering colum for '67 - '68 Dodge Monaco / Polara

My original non-tilt wheel does fit the splines of the TT column. Interestingly, the retaining nut (which seems to be 1/2 ID) is slightly too small so I'd have to source a slightly larger nut.

When I measure from one of the column mounting bolt holes under the dash to the front edge of the housing, and compare the same measurement between the 2 columns, the TT column extends out 2 inches beyond where the non-tt column does. And with the column fully retracted there is still an additional 3/4 inch gap between the housing edge and the steering wheel.

So right off the bat, the steering wheel is going to be about 2.5 - 2.75 inches closer to the driver if the regular wheel is mounted to a TT column. And yes, the regular wheel is a deep-dish, the wheel height being about 7 inches front to back.

The column mounting bracket is attached to the column with 4 bolts, it would be trivial to drill new holes to allow the column to be pushed backwards. The lever operating the gear position indicator would need to be reworked. And naturally what happens at the steering gear is a big question mark.