Question about wiper motor (2 vs 3 vs variable speed) how to tell?


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Aug 21, 2022
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I don't know how the wiper motors changed during the 60's but this pertains to '67 if it matters.

What were the options (for Monaco/Polara) in terms of 2 vs 3 vs variable speed wiper (if indeed there was anything beyond 2 speed)? If 3 speed and variable were possible, did that require a different motor? More wires? And if 3 speed and variable were possible, how did that look on the dashboard?

I notice there's a motor available on kijiji, a close-up shot shows the harness connector with 4 spades being used. That motor is billed as being variable speed. I have a spare motor, it also has 4 wired spades, I think the connector can hold 8 spades. Does this mean anything? If there are 4 wires going to a motor, does that make it 3 speed at least? Was variable control possible in '67 ?

I think the motor in my car is the same - 4 wires coming off it. But I think I only have off - lo - hi on the dash, so it's 2-speed as far as control goes.
I believe the variable speed motors were only on '65 and '66 model years. How to tell? When you turn the knob from "OFF", a smooth turn until you hit "HIGH" speed. No notches. On the other ones, "notched" for each speed, as normal. Check the "Library" at for the sales guides, which has the options for that model year for your car.

Not sure about wiring specifics on each motor, though. Perhaps others know?

I have a toggle switch for wiper speed. I've never seen a Monaco/Polara dash bezel layed out for a 4-position (3-speed) toggle let alone a dial or knob for variable control. Did any of the Chryslers have that?
Model year specific! Our '66 Newport has knobs which turn and push-pull. '65 and '66 Chryslers were that way. The wiper knob is round and turns. '67-'68 Chryslers have toggle switches and thumbwheels. Wiper switch is a toggle switch. On that car, it's a 2-speed wiper. NO variable speed. I'm not familiar with the Dodge or Plymouth instrument panels for each year, but I know they generally were different than Chryslers were.

Check the Library at to see what was available on YOUR car, that way you'll know what was what.

I'm not familiar with the Dodge or Plymouth instrument panels for each year, but I know they generally were different than Chryslers were.
65-66 Plymouth used a knob for wipers. My 65 SF has variable-speed wipers, but I don't know if the lower-price Furys were the same.
As backing lights were optional, I kinda thing the VS was optional, too.

I did a little digging, from motors I have on the shelf, and some googling.

Things to note from all the pics below:
65 and 66-newer have different mounting pattern and hole thru the firewall. This is yet another difference between 65 and 66 C-bodies. Whooda thunk the firewall stamping would be different for that???

My 66 motor has no connector, so cannot compare it to the NOS one. My 66 is variable-speed, the NOS is 2/3-speed. Connectors may or may not differ?
If the connector differs, then it dictates a different underhood harness part#. Between AC, idiot lights vs gauges, SB vs BB - there could be a whole matrix of underhood harness part#s, and wipers would complicate it further.

My 68 Fury has 2-speed wipers and the motor looks like this style, with the motor can protruding forward. (this is a google pic)

Here is a pic of 65-66 variable-speed motors and a 3rd one, I have no idea where I got it. (my photos)




Here is another one:
Wiper Motor# 2586988 - 2 / 3 Speed - C - Body - 1966-67 - NOS - Blue Star Performance
Wiper Motor# 2586988 – 2 / 3 Speed – C – Body – 1966-67 – NOS

Fits 1966-67 C body;1966-67 Dodge Polara, 500, Monaco, 500, Plymouth Fury I, II, III, Sport Fury, VIP, Chrysler Newport, 300, New Yorker, 1967 Chrysler Newport, 300, New Yorker, Imperial models. Can be used with either 2 or 3 speed wiper systems on Dodge and Plymouth models,3 speed on Chrysler applications. This is a complete wiper motor assembly,aluminum housing,with black metal motor. It has a 4 wire harness,with brown,blue,red,and green wires,includes the black plastic connector. Motor has stamping date of 36th week 1965. Supersedes to part# 3004112. 23-67-98.


Based on this pic below, my 3rd one looks like a 3-speed motor. (motor below is noted to be damaged to the wiring cap)
Although the wiring harness on mine is notably shorter. I dunno, perhaps mine is a 68?


Seems like variable speed wipers were a part of an option package? Back-up lights might have been, too, but I believe they were standard on the higher trim levels of Fury?

I suspect that 1965 was a big transitional year for the full-size car platform at Chrysler Corp. Then, after that was out of the way, some more changes were made which lasted "forever" past that. Bridging the time between 1957 and 1963, then between 1965 and later. As the 1966 Imperial was the last year for a frame which began life with the 1957 cars.

There must've been something with the wiper motor that allowed more commonality for 66-up. But that suggests that they missed or ignored it for 65?

Yes on the backign lights.
For 65-66, backing lights were standard on Fury 3 and SF, as the trunklid housed additional brakelights, with the backing light between the brake lites.
I don't know for 65, but for 66 the backing lights could be had on a Fury 2. 66 Fury 1-2 lacked the finish pieces around the taillights.
65 Fury 1 and 2 had a plain strip of trim in the concave surface of trunklid, while the F3 and SF had a filler panel that made it convex.
So the trunklid appearance differentiated the models noticeably more in 65 than it did in 66.
With that said, I don't recall seeing pics of too many Fury 1-2.
This is the spare motor I have, it's the same I have on my '67 Monaco:


Some-what "ugly" way they've connected the wires to the motor. The service manual says the 3-speed switch is optional, all cars have 2-speed standard. The "medium" speed is apparently the 3'rd speed that is optional. The motor probably can do 3 speeds, getting the right switch can do it, but maybe it was never offered on Monaco/Polara ?
Jumping in a little late here because I just had the (what I think is) variable speed wiper motor from my '66 Fury VIP take a crap.
Mostly I'm jumping in to add the picture that might help someone in the future.