Road Wheel Choices On Wagon

Truly hard to say as that wagon looks great no matter what you I flipped a coin.

What a car...
This wheelcover has always been a favorite of mine, although I don't know how it would look on a '68.

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I want these for mine: specifically the OEM option with the “Chrysler” script.

As for the OP’s Plymouth, I vote for argent. I’m guessing that the factory rims were 14s like the ones on my “mum’s” ’67 Newport?
I want these for mine: specifically the OEM option with the “Chrysler” script.
@Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic
Would you settle for a plain set that don't have the script? I have 5 of them here, a buddy gave them to me and requested me to sell them.
If so, send me a PM with your email address and zipcode, I can send you pics and see how bad shipping will be. If the pics are OK we can dicker a price?
Both look great, depends on the look you're going for, original/formal vs classic/hotrod. That woodgrain is so nice. Stunning beauty.
Have decided to go with all chrome center with the factory c-body cap. Fronts are done & mounted need to strip the rears & get 2 tires will be a winter project just don t have the time to do them right now.
I vote body color, looks like the wheels match the vehicle and were meant to be that way. It's super rare these days when every car on the road has alloy wheels from the dealer, they're so common as to be uninteresting anymore.

But if you have to have aftermarket rims, it's hard to argue with Crager SS or Magnum 500s on a vehicle from that period.