Steering gear box leak question


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Oct 26, 2018
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Parker, CO
I posted up in another section. I have a 68 Newport leaking from the bell housing area of the steering gear box. I fully intend to replace it at some point but wondering if that part is fixable temporarily. It leaks pretty bad. I've tried taking that ring off but didn't see how that bell part comes off. Can I just put a new o ring in it? I have a fsm on disk but my computer doesn't have a cd reader. I just ordered one and have it coming so I can look further. I've been spending a ton of money getting it summer ready lately and wouldn't mind to put this off a little longer if I can, just don't want it leaking so bad.
Firstly I'm going to Apologise if I Lead You up the Garden Path.
But Your Question is Not Entirely Clear to Me.
I'm Assuming that there is a Leak Around the Bell housing Area near the Steering Box!
(I'm Assuming Again That the Vehicle is a BB)
From Past Experience on a Number of Occasions I Have Had a Similar Problem with a Leaky Oil Switch.
On the BB's The Oil Switch can Develop a Leak that will Run Around the Bell Housing & Make it Look Like a Leaky Rear Main Seal.
Check Your Oil Switch, It May be a Simple Matter of Replacing That.
I Apologise if This Not the Problem, But as One of the "Cleverer" Fellas on this Site often Says. "Check the Simple Stuff First"
Kind Regards From the Mystical Land of OZ.
I guess pics are always helpful. I borrowed this pic. Mine is still installed

Now I Understand a Little Better.
What I'm Seeing is the Steering Adjustment Section of Your P/Steer Box.
I Have Never Disassembled a P/Steer ***. I Leave it to the Experts.
Someone Else Will be Better Qualified to Advise You.
But Just for General Information:
I'd Say the Large Castellated Nut Needs to Have the Seal Underneath Replaced.
I'd Say That's Your Problem.
How Simple / Difficult that is to Do I'll Allow Someone Else to Advise.
I am Certain Someone Else Will Know More Than I Do.
(Actually I'll Guarantee It.) LOL
All the Best.
1971 FSM calls the Leaking Seal, the Cross Shaft Cover Seal. Factory procedure for 1971 is to remove the steering gear, with possibly the main reason being not getting dirt into the gear. This should give you an idea of what's involved. Best of Luck!
fsm 19-15.jpg
Perfect. I did order a cd drive just so I can read my fsm. This diagram should help. Thanks
Grab a '68 Plymouth version for now off Service Manuals – MyMopar For this, it's going to be the same as your Chrysler FSM.

And... I gotta ask this... Are you sure it's leaking from there? That area collects oils and fluids from leaking pumps, valve covers, and especially that return hose right above it.

Just trying to keep you from any more work than you need to.