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    Mar 9, 2011
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    Complete front steering linkage removed from a 1969 300 convertible.

    This had been recently installed new on a car that then suffered a dash/interior fire and was totaled.

    Assembly includes the center link, idler arm, left and right, inner and outer tie rod ends and sleeves. All in near new condition.

    Here's part numbers...

    center link ... 2269393
    idler arm .... 2269679
    inner tie rod.. 2585500 X2
    outer " " .. 2585501 X2
    Sleeve ....... 2269786 X2

    Likely correct for 1970/71 Plymouth, Dodge and Chrysler C bodys also. Perhaps other applications.


    Asking $175.00 and shipping. A fraction of the replacement cost. Offers?
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