Stinkin Ujoints


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Sep 25, 2022
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My first experience with changing Ujoints was not on my early cars, but in a shop I worked as a young man. Old guy showed me how when I was about 22. And, have done many since then. So, after the lower ball joints, I have a bit of a vibration, and found the front joint a bit loose, so, lets get er dun. Today pulled the shaft and removed the old one that is well worn. So, I got a nice Spicer joint and went forward. But, with the black cloud still overhead, I erred yet again. Put the joint on the shaft and grabbed the front slip yoke, and it would not go over the cross....what the hell, over. The Spicer has a large center section on the cross and would not allow the cross to enter the yoke. After thinking I would replace, I took my dremel and removed a small amount of the cast center area on the cross.....and voila, problem solved. But, a couple notes for the poor SOB who has to do this next time, two points. First is to try the cross on both yokes to ensure it will enter.....never even had any issue like this ever. So check before trying to assy. Second point is that this joint has nylon spacers or washers in bottom of the bearings. So, just for fun, take a look when you dissay to grease before assy. I had never seen these and would not have known if two of them had not stuck to the cross when I pulled the caps. Ok well, forewarned. Black cloud extant.
had to do the same thing to the spicer i got from NAPA... it didn't take much, and didn't have to do it to the rear one