Fuel line thru stub frame replacement


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Sep 25, 2022
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So, for those familiar with my recent mishaps, I had replaced the fuel pump...and yes, as questioned, why did I replace the old one. But, with the new one, there was some strange bit of air and fuel entering the clear filter. So, before replacing the pump, it dawned on my pea brain to check the line. When I hooked up the electric pump, it got nothing but air. Hmmm. So, in my first effort, I went to the new rubber joint between the two metal lines behind the stub frame, and whaddaya think.....sucking air. Moved it around and it began pumping. Used some sealer around the metal and it still leaked. So I THINK I may have cracked the metal when bending upward on the end out of the frame. It was pointing down at about 30 degrees, and I wanted it to be more up under the frame.....may have cracked it. Not sure yet. But I do know that when I moved the pump to the rear section of line all was well from the stub frame to the tank. So, the fuel line. I slept on it and decided to try to tap the fuel line, and it did work to a degree. A 1/4 20 does tap a bit of thread, so I used a bit of all thread and JB weld, the life saver, to screw and glue the old line to the new one. This am, had honey push and I pulled the old line out followed well by the new one, with very little force, other than one very tight hit mid way, but it came thru. All good with the world, so far. Just wanted to memorialize the replacement of the line, was not as hard as I had thought.