SOLD Trap door style 440 air cleaner

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I bought an original '73 Fury police car with 440 that had a breather that looked like that...
What polarus and onemanop sez, I saw something similar on a restored CHP car at a Mopar club show out here in '08
IMO, you should bump up your pricing accordingly, Matt
I'm sorry if I didn't say so upon selling it but it's gone.
D'oh! My fault for the necro-post :icon_neutral:
I've seen them before while working as a mechanic ina previous job but can't come close to recalling what it was on..:skeptical:
I have an unrestored/project 74 Coronet Police package with a 360 four barrel from AZ. It has that same trap door air cleaner, on top of its thermo-quad.


Nice looking ride, more photo's please.
You do have some kool chit, don't you!
If you're smart enough to master the Thermoquad, you are smart enough to rule the world.
Should I consider myself lucky that I have two thermoquads in my parts cabinet collecting cobwebs? I've never driven on them in fact I don't remember how I got them but everytime I go in there and see them I hear "carb rebuild" project. So is it worth it or not?
They're a religion for some guys. What are the numbers on them?
The second snorkel there when needed...
If you're smart enough to master the Thermoquad, you are smart enough to rule the world.

I had two, one in my first 71 Polara on a 340 I had pulled from a 3 speed 340 duster.
The second I had gotten from a junk yard and put on top of a 400 engine in my first 71 Polara .. the 400 replaced the 340. For those it was merely a matter of turning some screws, never had to take one down, dont wanna
Going inside is a Pandora's box. You can have manuals, tech guides, articles, service procedures, videos, all in front of you. Once you have peeled the third layer off the onion, you in too deep and none of what you have in front of you will bail you out. Then all those posts about Edelbrock from Bob start you rethinking...

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the third layer of the onion is just as good as the second on a burger
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