Vacuum leak only when engine is “cold”?

for your next trick, you should try an acetylene bomb!
Been there, done that!!

Got carried away once or twice on the 4th of July. Had to one-up the neighbors. Used to fire them electrically with a long extension cord with a strand of wire stuck in it.

I stopped doing it when my ex-wife's co-worker blew his arm off. He filled an inner tube and it went off when he was carrying it.
that's a cool idea. we were much simpler. balloon in a paper grocery bag, opening twisted to make a wick. light it and run like hell. last time wasn't long after 9/11/01 and we caught a passing police car. bad news. well, those days are over.
I wanted to be away from it, and I could never run fast, so the cord worked really well. A cigarette makes for a really good fuse for a firecraker... And if you do it right, you can be somewhere else, being all innocent and stuff...
I drove it yesterday after retorquing the bolts. It slightly exhibited the behavior still. When i got back home i torqued the bolts to 35 instead of 25ft lbs. drove it this morning and it’s much better, still goes a bit lean but i think a normal amount of lean. Yesterday and today though driving it fully warmed up it stalled once with very light throttle application. I’ll chock that up to the sniper still learning for now.

I did notice my 2-3 shift is slow and slipping (rpm’s climb for a second) when i manually shift it.