Want to convert 4 door hardtop to power windows

Feb 25, 2019
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I have a 71 monaco 4 door hardtop with crank windows. I'm looking to convert it to power. Anyone got a line on a scrap c body with power windows that will work for sale? Does anyone know if the power windows just have a different regulator or just a motor hooked in the same drive as the crank gear? Are all fuselage power windows the same across the brands from Plymouth to imperial? I haven't had an opportunity to look at the mechanics of one equipped with power windows. Not sure if they have relays or some other operational things except switches either so all info appreciated. I'm also interested in power locks as well. If anyone has the doors off a 69 to 71 with that stuff for sale that would be ideal.
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You will need the wiring harness for the windows. Mopars have the main power to the driver's door panel and the power is routed from the master switch to the various windows. There is a circuit breaker that controls the power to the harness and you will also need that. The simplest way to convert to power windows would be to find a donor car and strip all of the needed parts. Most of the time, the door cards will also be different to accommodate the switches. The cars that had both power locks and power windows usually have those features incorporated into a common harness to the drivers door. You are looking a a lot of work to make this conversion.

You will need the entire power window wire harness with relays and switches.
Not to mention pulling up sill plates/carpet to feed the wiring through the car.

Power window regulators are totally different compared to power units.
So you will need the regulators with motors, and any extra window stops that bolt to the doors.
You may have to drill the doors to fit the harnesses through them.
Then there is the door panels..it can snowball real quick into a fair size project.
Key is getting all the parts before diving in.
Hope this helps.
Thanks for the info. Do you guys have any idea if dodge power windows are the same as the chrysler, Plymouth and imperial parts?
I believe I have a interior harness from a 69 Fury station wagon I parted years back it was power windows. If you decide to gather part's let me know ill take a peek around for it.
It MIGHT be tha the front door power window regulators could be the same, as the front doors seem to be the same length. But the rear door regulators might be specific the the carline, due to the different door lenghts.

Power door locks, by themselves, might be somewhat easy to do. The orig lock actuators were big magnet-operated items. Which, over time, could seize. Probably better to use the later model actuators and wire them the same as the factory lock actuators were wired. Might even be some aftermarket kits to do this, too. There would be a "hot" relay for them so they will work with the engine off. There can also be a switch on the lh front door key cyl to operate the locks with the key, just as there shoudl be a switch on the lh frt inner lock knob, too.

There might also be a "cross instrument panel" harness for the locks and windows, too.

Download the wiring schematics at www.mymopar.com, which are in the FSM downloads. Might also download the Pars Manual, too, so you might get an ideal of ALL of the items involved in the electric window and lock items.

Just some thoughts,
You will need at minimum

- 4 door specific regulators.
- power window switches
- power window motors. (IIRC) they are the same for Chrysler, Plymouth, dodge
- the associated wiring harness and relays

I’d wait till someone is parting a 4 door fuselage Dodge and ask for the entire set up. A set up from 69-71 should be ideal.
I believe the regulators for the 4 doors are the same across the board for the fuselages but do not take my word. I’d look through the parts list and cross reference part numbers
I used to supply Big Hemi Customs / Bair Customs with the correct switches, trim panel retainers for the switches, and the factory wiring ends. They would install aftermarket power window kits, toss the plastic switches they come with, and fit rebuilt factory switches to the cars.
This may be the way to go. Modern motors and regulators
I'm here to throw some cold water on the party.

Chrysler changed many of the regulators, both manual and power in 1971.

I don't know what the differences are and if they are interchangeable.

Cars with vent windows continued to use the '69-'70 regulators on the front doors through 1973.

As far as I can tell, your Monaco doesn't have vent windows.

According to the book, you need a set of regulators out of a 1971 to 1973 4dr HT without vent windows. Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, and Imperial are all the same.

You can use a wire harness out of any 4 door from '69-'73, except Imperial.

There's no difference in the door panels. All you have to do is punch out the scribed area and install the metal switch retainers. (Slabside 4 doors have the rear switches in a different spot from the cranks, so they present a problem when converting to power).

The hardest part of the entire process is drilling the holes for the wiring in the front doors and A pillars.

Power window cars have down stops bolted to the bottoms of the doors. You will need those too.

Tracks are all the same from manual to power.

There are some wire retainers that screw to the bottoms of the doors, but they are usually too rotted to save unless your parts are coming from a desert car.

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No response from that guy. He's in Texas and in in Michigan anyway. I'd probably have to pull the parts myself for this job. No hurry on it right now
Sorry I was slow to respond to your needs. I'm in SoCal and I have four power window doors off a '72 Polara I pulled out of the San Bernadino Pic a Part several years ago. Don't have any of the harness assembly from the dash. Door panels are shot. Doors are green and no dents or rust. Exterior styling is different then the '71 (particularly the rear doors). The innards should be the same.
I don't get on the website much but you can get a message to me through the website or Al (MrMopar.com). I'll try to get back on this weekend to check in.
A lot of this depends on whether you want this to look factory when done - if not, liberties and improvements can be made.

IIRC the door cards will be perforated for both manual and power windows. On slabs I've seen that, anyway.

If the crank-hole is too large and leaves a gap around the center of the switch, a thin plastic filler-bezel could be made?

Aftermarket GM switches are readily available, I think, and that might ease the project. Retainer clips and switch connectors would be needed, though.

The wiring you'll get from a project car will be old, of course, and with tarnished/corroded connections. If you have decent wiring skills, you can make a harness. The connectors onto
the switches might be the main hurdle there. This won't be fun, but you'll know what you have after you're done. Relays, circuit breakers, etc can be modern components - no need for 50-yo parts!

The regulators are a whole 'nother question. Bigmoparjeff gave some good info. 30 years ago I started a fool's folly to convert a 65 Fury to PWindows. I cut the front of a PW regulator off and welded that portion onto my manual regulator. I cannot remember if I did that because the regulators were different, or because I had a 2dr hdtp and used 4-door regulators. It didn't work very well, but years later I learned it was not due to teh modification, but due to general malaise that exists in slab-side quarter windows when the sliders are broken and things are misaligned.

I have several boxes of misc regulator parts - if you are still interested in pursuing your project, I can evaluate whether a motor can easily be fastened to a manual regulator (depends on how the hand-crank mechanism is removed and what is left behind).