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Nov 12, 2021
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Clarksburg, Tennessee
I was searching the internet for possible sources of parts for my Plymouth. I discovered this site and was reading a few posts concerning installing drum brakes. One of your members by the name of "Big John" added a link to a Mopar website for technical information. I clicked on it and was able to download a service manual for my 65 Chrysler. I have been trying to find one of these for several years. I am now your newest member!

Location: Clarksburg, Tennessee
Thank you all. I'm a little late with this message, but I waited until we had our fast data ... we have a basic program that works best on the 18th of the month.

I mentioned my Plymouth Sport Fury & Chrysler Newport in my initial post. I bought the Plymouth in 1980 as a tired used car, and my mom & dad bought the Newport in '66. It was our family car until 1980 when my dad gave it to me.

These pictures are a few years old. My cars were sitting in the barn, but I moved them a few years ago outside ... this barn is in pretty bad shape. They are sitting behind our 1975 Airstream Overlander, which is another subject for another forum.

Thanks again ... Randy

Looks like I sent the same picture twice ... I'm learning how to use thus forum.

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