What did you do to your C-body today....

The 300C just ticked over 140K, but will say this 5.7 easily can make it past 200K like my 2006 C did. The 5.7 already moved pretty good, but with the TRQ coilpacks and iridium plugs in it now it felt a lot more responsive on the way home today.
I got a dwell tach and my Carter AVS today, I want to start the process as soon as I get all my parts to swap in my intake and get it hooked up and get it running.
Also took apart my Carter to inspect the floats...I think I need to adjust them a bit more...

As an aside, has anyone ever had a dwell meter max out when you go to check your dwell, but seem to work on every other setting?
Got the 66 300 for some repairs and maintenance.
Had to pull out Frankie and the BOAB to make room
Rare shot of all 3 C's together at the shop..
that Mercury Wagon looks very similar to a 73 Colony Park my parents had. it had a 460 in it and I verified it could do a burnout with 9 people in it....
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I can confirm that. My grandfather had a 71 Marquis w/ the 429 and it was a very responsive engine with great low-end. You could even smoke the tire (no LSD) when starting out in 2nd (those trannys let you do that). It ran out of steam pretty quickly though. No tach but I'd guess by 4000 it was all done.
New spark plugs, oil change, adjust all 4 drums rotate the tires and repair drivers power window.
Plus a serious cleaning. Looks much better despite the what's left of paint is literally washing off..yes the lower 1/4's were repaired early in its life
Working on a couple at the same time.


Found the fuel leak on the Polara.


I guess it's been a while for those hoses.
Pulled my first transmission today!


Luckily I had my dad around to help me because it would've been neigh impossible to do alone. Those torsion bars might give a nice ride but damn those make it hard to remove the trans. Had to leave the crossmember in place and angle it down at the front. That's the correct way according to my FSM but it was incredibly tight. But it's out! Now to decide if I try a ring gear replacement or get a new torque converter.

Putting it back will be fun... :rolleyes: