Where is this car now?


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Jul 4, 2012
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Central Oklahoma
OK, I'm being unintentionally scarce in details here, but I only have a couple of specifics on a car I've wondered about recently after seeing a '68 SF much like it last week...

There was a 1968 Sport Fury convertible with a 440 and 4-speed for sale in Tulsa, OK, perhaps twenty or so years ago that I passed on back then. It is/was Silver, white top with blue interior, buckets, console, and had plain steel wheels on it. It was in suburban Tulsa back around 2001. It was parked outside a pole barn, along with four other Mopars. All needed restoration/saving. I just didn't have the cash ($1,400) to buy the car at that time! I remember it being fairly low-optioned for a SF...PS, no PB or A/C.

I took quite a few pics of it back then with a regular 35mm camera. I've been looking through a couple of boxes of pics that have nothing but cars, car shows and swap meet. If I find this in my stack-o-stuff, I'll definitely provide pics.

I know the chances of coming across this Fury are likely zero, but it's worth a shot. This car popped into my brain this weekend after I saw another SF rag on I-40 near OKC this past week.
Definitely an 8-3/4 under it. Could've been changed out, of course. Changing a C-body to a four-speed wasn't a very common occurrence back when, though. All the right goodies were there - pedals, console, shifter.
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This thread is useless without pictures!:poke::lol::icon_fU:
I have a 68 SF 440 4 speed convertible. They didn't make very many of them. Would originally have had a Dana 53 rear end.
Post VIN and fender tag and several people on here can verify if the car is a true 440 4 speed. Nobody is sure of production numbers but pretty sure it's less than 20 made. Know of a couple out there.