NOT MINE Wrecked 1971 Plymouth Fury III Sedan Pennsylvania State Police - eBay Auction - Ono, Pennsylvania

Na there's sum'tin funny going on with the bids...

8***t (262*) 30-Day Summary Total bids: 2

30-Day Summary Total bids: 124

30-Day Summary Total bids: 330
I was hoping, running up price? Dont know. He didnt respond to email
I'm not dismissing anything.

What I do get frustrated with is assertions that are not backed by logic or documentation.

Not trying to dog or burn anybody but....

I'll look for verification but I believe the PSP did order dual snorkel air cleaners on their cars.

I think we can pretty much prove the dual snorkel was standard meaning there was no need to 'order' anything. If something WAS truly 'special ordered', then it needs to be accounted for in some way whether it's on an invoice, window sticker or other factory document.

PL41T along with A38 on the fender tag would be correct for a PA car.

Response like this makes sense and can be proven via fender tags, broadcast sheets et al.

All I'm asking for its for people to be able to not rely on memory, belief or 'think so' and prove their assertions. A lack of proof leads to further misunderstanding what and how things were actually, truly and really done. There's already enough mis information out there.

I was hoping, running up price? Dont know. He didnt respond to email
Ah it's eekBay first guy in at $555.55 may have been a honest buyer, then possible shills taking over. I mean who bids on 92 items in 30 days? Look at 8***l (1081*) 30-Day Summary: Total bids: 134, Items bid on: 92, Winning bids (5) all 1* single one bid clothing items.
From the help Icon: A `*` next to a number indicates a highest bid. Maybe not a winning bid but that's the way I buy on eekBay, single last second snipe bid.
You use to be able to drill down on the bid history a little better till eBay changed the bidders to anonymous, I take it to prevent personal information theft or spam harvesters. Or it could be some people in some car group (FB) thinking this guy is nuts and just run up the bids to piss him off. Or nibblers, ah the wonderful world of online auctions.

Looks to be a couple of honest bidders/buyers up till $1,000 then two other seem to take over the auction.

:popcorn: I agree. Pictures please. Or some more info.
Awesome build sheet! Was it crumpled up under the carpet or something. Looks ragged and doesn't have any seat crease's in it. Very interesting!

Tell me more, pictures please, do you have a build sheet, a more legible fender tag, what year?
71 Plymouth FuryII Penn State Police , Found it in Georgia, seller had on Facebook of all places,9/19. Needed work , running driving and inspected car now. Will be going to PSP museum this summer,


Man, the madness goes on:

now tries to just sell the drivetrain alone and give the „car“ for free on top...very generous!

Oops, his price skyrocketed to 7,500$$$ !!!

Maybe someone wants to ask him politely, if he accidentally entered a zero (0) too much ;-)

I knew something was funky with the bids, either someone was jerking him around or he shilled himself out of the ballpark.
Anyways extra pictures from this new listing.