NOT MINE Wrecked 1971 Plymouth Fury III Sedan Pennsylvania State Police - eBay Auction - Ono, Pennsylvania

i am cool with people asking whatever they want...i but t is highly unlikely to result in a successful transaction at anywhere near this asking price, IMHO

I hope it does well in any event however
How is a 440 motor and 727 trans that havent turned in 50 years, worth that. its also locked up
I suspect this car, if restored, will be one of those where the cost to restore far out weighs the final value especially if shooting for a Grade 1 condition.

As for the seller look at all he has for sale. I did and most of his prices are nuts. The only item I found where the price is reasonable is the 1965 F100 dash bezel at $200. Just getting one rechromed, correctly I might add, would run $150-200 if it were still possible. So this NOS one is an actual bargain as all are faded and many have cracks after 56 years.
In regards to the "Super Commando " pie tin. According to the 1971 Plymouth police car brochure, the 335 horse 440 was dubbed "Super Commando 440". The U code E86 370 horse engine for '71 police cars was dubbed "Police Pursuit Special".