WANTED WTB 1971 Newport Chrome 3/8" drivers-side trim


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Nov 23, 2013
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Chilton Wi
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Hi, Looking to purchase the drivers-side front (3/8") trim that attaches to the grey filler panel, 1971 Chrysler Newport, you'll see in the attached pix, its the C shape trim around the grey panel. must be nice, PM for contact. I've contact Murry Park with no luck. I appreciate your time Mike

Do you have the part number? If it is P/N 2933687 (aka 293 3687 ), then this be what you are looking for:

NOS Mopar Bumper Closure Moulding 1969-71 Chrysler Imperial Models Left Side - Hiltop Auto Parts

View attachment 628440

Just for clarity, there is no such moulding used on 1971 Imperials. The above mouldings that @ayilar has displayed from Hiltop are for a Chrysler Newport, Newport Custom and New Yorker (C1, C2 and C3 respectively). The confusion comes from the part description in the parts catalog calling it out for C1, C2 and CP models but there is no such thing as a CP model and so Hiltop probably assumed incorrectly that that must mean Imperial, but that model is always called a model Y, not a C3. Also note that the CS models are the 1971 Chrysler 300 model and that model uses its own end mouldings only applicable for that model.
small 383-2 vs big 440/375hp, both cruise nice, just a side note, The Newport was built 1/26/71 and must have sat on the lot till 7/30/71 when it was purchased







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To find the part for CE23L1F167996 -- first start with the P/N. You can find it in the parts manual. Good luck!
I think I have that straight trim piece. Do you still need? Can you buy off eBay? If so I will make you a cheap buy it now listing. But I will need to dig thru my parts and find it.