z bar - 68 fury III - alternatives, pictures, dimensions

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Mar 1, 2016
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I am looking for ideas/suggestions on obtaining a z-bar for a 68 fury 4-speed swap.

Is there something similar that can be used, or modified to work?

Does anyone have pictures that could be used to guesstimate dimensions and angles from?

Is there a place where someone could find manufacturing specs?

Thanks for your help on what is probably a worn out topic, but I searched the forums to no avail.
Here are some part numbers but unfortunately no further details.
Even if you were to find a C-body Z-bar, which I have never heard of anyone finding, it would be most likely from a /6 3 speed which would not be correct for a BB 4 speed.

What you will have to do is buy a Z-bar from Brewer's Performance for an A,B,E body (there's at least a 1/2 dozen styles) and modify it by changing for the correct length and the correct indexing and throw of the arms.
Did you do well in trig math in school?
You could call Murray Park, if anybody has one available it'd be him.
Different bell housings from different applications also have different Z-bar mounts.
Thanks to both of you for your input. I was hoping that I if could see one, I could extrapolate and try to modify one to make it work. I did not take into account how the mounting locations on various bell housings would impact the geometry and would have to take that into consideration as well. The math is not a problem, I just don't have a starting point.

The journey begins, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
I've got a '66 Fury I that was originally a 318LA three speed, has a Z bar in it. Now running a 383 Lakewood bellhousing and four speed. Didn't realize that they were rare animals. Maybe I should make a duplicate or ten.
for all to see , just unboxed my late christmas to myself . this is my four speed c body conversion from a 66 fury 383 car . and this
most wanted quest of info on the c body z bar .
I have a fabrication development background and a good fab guy. Would you think this is a part people want to buy, or was the information gathered for historical purposes?
I'm not doing anymore conversions but I learned an awful lot from them and I'm always looking for more info for the book I'm planning to write someday.
maybe a heavier duty one , and the frame bracket is a weld on . could build one that bolts in place as well . i've been a design'r / fab'r for years . what equipment do you have at your place ?
I'm not doing anymore conversions but I learned an awful lot from them and I'm always looking for more info for the book I'm planning to write someday.
That would be a Fantastic Read but Don't put it off for too long. Every year more & more of these cars get Crushed, Derbyed, Parted out or "Donked" and we all know This Generation Holds Zero interest in anything that isnt made by Apple. The time to write it is now While they are still around.

The Future is uncertain. But the end is Always near.
none of us plain for it , i know i'll have undone rides . money or fun for those the its left with . i've checked it out a plot that size , for taking it all with you . just eats into the project budget to much , lol .