Breaking In The New Year And Mid Year With New Imperial Additions To The Pack

  • 20180513_122945 (1).jpg 20180513_123004-1 (1).jpg 20180513_123008 (1).jpg 20180513_123043-1 (1).jpg 20180513_123016 (1).jpg 20180513_122633-1 (1).jpg 73newbiefun.jpg 73newbie.jpg 73newbie1.jpg 73newbie2.jpg 73newbie3.jpg 73newbie4.jpg 73newbie5.jpg 73newbir.jpg 73newby.jpg oldredfriday.jpg oldredfriday1.jpg oldredfriday2.jpg oldredfriday3.jpg oldredfriday4.jpg chrisohio.jpg chrisohio2.jpg chrisohio3.jpg chris ohio4.jpg wheel1plus2and3.jpg oldredfriday.jpg oldredfriday1.jpg oldredfriday2.jpg oldredfriday3.jpg oldredfriday4.jpg Going to LOVE this one too. Hope Big Red ain't Jealous! :rofl:
    73newbiefun.jpg 73newbie.jpg 73newbie1.jpg 73newbie2.jpg 73newbie3.jpg 73newbie4.jpg 73newbie5.jpg 73newbir.jpg 73newby.jpg


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  1. DocMcNeedy
    Hard to get all three together in real space and time...except on the computer.
  2. DocMcNeedy
    Hoping to get her home ASAP...transport always has issues finding a carrier for loading a long Imperial...takes longer... chrisohio3.jpg But, they always come thru eventually.
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  3. DocMcNeedy

    Just a little video to enhance the senses.:rofl:
  4. Henrius
    Where on earth did you find a luxurious beauty like this? It is mostly original, right?

    Can't help but notice (and giggle) at the 8-track tape port. You just got to find some tapes of the era to play in the car!

    Now you have made me HAVE TO buy an Imperial to add to my Newport and Fury.
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    1. DocMcNeedy
      I always keep my eyes open for nice Imperials...several forum members have some nice ones.
      DocMcNeedy, Jan 27, 2018
    2. DocMcNeedy
      I have to say that 72-73 Imperials are my favorites...But, '73 Ny'ers, 73 Newports and '73 Furys catch my attention every time I see them.
      DocMcNeedy, Jan 27, 2018
  5. oliver
    I can't help but feel I've seen this car before but can't remember where. I'm saying this primarily because of the wheels, which go extremely well with the car. We can infer from this that the previous owner embodies a seldom observed level of refinement.
    1. DocMcNeedy
      You don't have to look too far to find the fabulous previous owner.
      DocMcNeedy, Jan 26, 2018
  6. oliver
    It's very stately and elegant. Judging from its condition, this car's previous owner loved it and must have been sad to see it go. It even has its original door edge guards. Quite a find! It doesn't get better than this.
    1. DocMcNeedy
      Yes, the previous owner took great care of it and I know he trusts me to take great care of it! It's absolutely GORGEOUS! I added a couple new pics today to this garage page...plan on more picks tomorrow when I move it to the other storage unit next door so it's easier to get's a very long car. But, ironically it feels smaller than Big Red. I can't figure out why...
      DocMcNeedy, Jan 26, 2018
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  7. oliver
    Gorgeous, Doc. Congratulations and enjoy! I like that it doesn't have a sunroof. Maybe you could keep the single exhaust for a while just to confuse your neighbors even more......(?)
    1. DocMcNeedy
      It has a nice sweet rumble now...where Big Red has a dual glass pack growl.
      DocMcNeedy, Jan 26, 2018
  8. rapidtrans
    Sweet car. That is the perfect aftermarket wheel for that car. Nice choice.
    1. Polara_500
      Oh, I definitely agree, just had to poke at the Doc.
      Polara_500, Jan 26, 2018
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  9. DocMcNeedy
    Kudos to the previous owner...he took great care of it. I hope to carry the torch/baton going forward and keep her in great condition with the typical maintenance things that come up, etc...(I was thinking dual exhaust maybe first) while having fun driving it.
  10. McPherson 57
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