One Step Closer To Stock Rims/tires (big Red) They're In The Basement Waiting

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  1. DocMcNeedy
    Big Red to the cabin on a day close to 100 air conditioning...just push slide button and down goes the winders!
    72cabin.jpg 72cabinred1.jpg 72cabinred2.jpg 72cabinred3.jpg 72cabinred4.jpg
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  2. Fury440
    Wow Doc, that's a darn fine looking ride. The fit and finish looks perfect!
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    1. DocMcNeedy
      Thanks! But, she's far from perfect...she is kind of a Mrs. Frankenstein with parts from many donors and a couple areas in the body and interior I am planning on this year. For example new paint exterior and professional interior staining to clean up leather upholstery. Baby steps...
      DocMcNeedy, May 24, 2018
  3. DocMcNeedy
    I flipped the RWLs today...stock look coming soon. Waiting until after June show coming up per Scott @LocuMob. :rofl:
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    1. LocuMob
      Couldn't wait, could you? Lol Can't wait to see that tank.
      LocuMob, May 23, 2018
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    2. ImpJay
      I say that the RWLs were better than plain BSWs.
      ImpJay, Nov 26, 2018
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