For Sale 1964-65 Plymouth Fury trunklid

Kern Dog

Oct 30, 2014
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Granite bay CA
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I was given this trunklid instead of the money a guy owed me. I don't own a Plymouth of this model so I have no use for this panel.

Fury 1.JPG

The PLYMOUTH letters on it are not good but are in place. The panel is not rusty but does have some slight surface rust on the inside.

Fury 4.JPG

Fury 5.JPG

Fury 6.JPG

The top side has a few dents and scrapes but it looks like original paint.

Fury 2.JPG
Fury 3.JPG

I do not want to ship this thing. It is big. Heck, YOU know how big they are, right? I will attend the Mopar Alley swap meet next month in Cupertino and could pack it along if you want but otherwise, this is a come and get it sort of deal.

$125 in cash or tacos.
Yeah, you read that right. I like tacos as well as money. People sometimes barter for stuff but for me, I'm not into the following....NO beer, NO drugs, NO cigarettes. No lap dances from gender confused people either.
Simply $125 in American cash or the equal value in tacos. Jimboys Tacos preferred, NO Taco Bell tacos...come on, man.

I am in Granite Bay, CA, about 25 miles EAST of Sacramento CA.
Feel free to send me a message here or on FABO or FBBO. I use this same screen name everywhere