1967 Fury Steering Shaft Removal


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Jan 8, 2024
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Ontario, Canada
Greetings, I recently spoke with a fellow C Bodies member and 67 Fury owner, about a possible parts exchange between us. He's looking for power steering parts, I'm looking for manual steering parts. One of the parts we'd like to exchange is the steering shaft, due to the different lengths needed. Rather than exchange the steering column as a hole, I'd prefer to just exchange just the shaft: the color of the column matches the rest of my car, and I've already begun cleaning and detailing the column. I've looked at the factory manual, doesn't seem like a big deal to remove the shaft, but am I missing something, are there any other differences between the columns of a manual vs power steering car I should be keeping in mind? Thanks for any input, Michael.
For 1970 Fury, the telescoping (2-part) steering shaft is removed from the column and installed in the column the same way, whether the power steering gear is manual or power. If your 1967 steering shaft is telescoping for accident protection, I think the steering shafts are a bolt-in swap.
Thank you for your reply, gives me a bit of confidence that the swap should go fine. I believe 1967 was the first year for collapsible steering columns. I can’t see things changing too much between 67 and 70, but I’ll also ask the member with the 67 manual steering column to bring it along when we meet so we can compare it with the one I have.