Found 1967 Polara Tie Rod sleeve

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Thanks Bill / FuryGT,
(Bill saw some of my *** N.O.S. “ C “ body Sleeves at the recently completed Chryslers @ Carlisle….)

I have been the only guy who has had the Correct “ C “ Body Tie Rod Sleeves for the last 20 years….
P.M. me, as per forum rules, if interested….


P.S. —- I have the Entire Front End :

Suspension —- Upper & LOWER Ball Joint Assemblies, Upper &
LOWER Control Arm Bushings….

Steering —- Inner & Outer Tie Rods & SLEEVES, Idler Arm, &

The Rest —- Strut Rod Bushings, Inner & Outer Sway Bar Frame Bushings , Upper & Lower Contro Arm Rebound Bumpers….

All Individually …. And Complete Kits…..
I just put the connection together. I recently bought a large quantity of “C”body suspension parts from you at Carlisle last week. (My name is Mike)
I thought my sleeves were ok but when removing them today I noticed that one was bent. What is the best way for me to place an order with you?
Thanks Mike
You must be the Mike who bought a bunch of Front End parts Thursday or Friday --- and then came back and bought a whole lot more the next day --- Friday or Saturday.... Thank you again......

You have my phone number from the cards and flyers --- Always best to simply call me .......

Or, if they are not handy, P.M. me , as per forum rules....and we'll do it.... Craig .....
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