1969 300 grill on a new yorker.


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Aug 13, 2017
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n.w. Indiana
I am in the process of restoring a 69 new Yorker, 2 door and was playing around with the idea of putting a 300 grill on it? Is it a fairly easy swap if I chose do go that route? Is it just the grill, brackets and surrounds? I have not been up close on a 300 grill assembly to see how the actuators work but I am assuming the are vacuum. I obviously, will be keeping my original grill and brackets.
The light doors on my 68 have an electric motor that opens and closes, also manually.
Bumpers are different on the 300.

The grille may or may not fit the NY bumper but it will look dumb with two sets of parking lights.
There are two sets of brackets, one attaches to the grill, the other to the inside of the fenders to hold the light buckets. The torsion rod that goes through the electric motor is unique to the ‘69, and of course the wiring harness and under dash relay will be upgrades. Not sure what you might have to add to the fuse box, but I think that part is plug and play. The grill surrounds also are unique to the 300.