NOT MINE 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst


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May 26, 2020
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Toronto Canada
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1970 Chrysler 300 HURST | Classic Cars | Grand Bend | Kijiji

Unfortunately it looks like some idiot did an anger run at left 1/4. I can just picture the knuckle dragger thinking how funny it would be driving his Pontiac Sunfire into the side of the 300.
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Dang that poor car has dents everywhere...sad to see clean metal all boogered up.
It can be fixed...just takes money. Or serious know-how.
A lot can be massaged out, not much creasing.
Very solid complete
looking car.
@Trace 300 Hurst

CAD16k including lots of parts, supposedly solid car, worth a look.

Let's hope someone with a proper wallet and proper knowledge will bring this car back to life. As for me, I'm not looking for a project, and I'm 99.95% done with my car and need nothing, fortunately.
It can be fixed...just takes money. Or serious know-how.

If the 'glass hood and trunk are okay, the rest of it is doable. Without those two very rare items in good condition......I would think that it's all but impossible to make it right again. The "all 'glass" decklid looks okay, so probably the hood (with the OEM steel frame) is okay, too.
"Dents are easier to fix than rust"
An old buddy of mine says this all the time who worked in autobody all his life.

No Longer Available - 1970 Chrysler 300 HURST $16,500.00​

Rare 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst car Numbers matching car. 440 375 up TNT 727 Automatic Trans Does not run (has not run for many years) had it sputtering and firing but not running on its own Car is complete and comes with a pile of parts. All of the ...