WANTED 1971 Superbee

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May 15, 2012
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British Columbia
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Still on the hunt for a 1971 Superbee, no clones of tribute cars, only interested in a true WM23 Vin car.

Now the specifics as this is my dream car...

I'm looking for a car in GF7 green, this is my preferred color but might consider a car that was originally built in this colour but has been painted another colour since then, might also consider one in GY9. Would prefer a 383 or 340 car, never been interested in 440/6 or Hemi cars. My perfect find would be a 71 Bee, 383/4spd in F7 Green with N96 hood and hideaway headlights.;)

Looking for a nice clean driver, older resto or even a nicely restored car, with Matching fender tag and body numbers. Prefer minimal rust and mostly complete. Non-number motor and tranny OK.

Let me know what you have or know about.
So other than the engine and wheels, this is what you want?

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When I look at that particular example, it strikes me that the shade of green is too light and the car looks too low-line, probably because of the relatively small tires and a lower than optimum stance plus the dog dishes/standard wheels.

Which one? The F3 Green one in NY?
Which one? The F3 Green one in NY?

Yes, the F3 green one in NY - your choice is night and day better! Although your first choice would be a 383 version, I was just trying to say I hope it might have some rally wheels with good size tires to make it look more upscale, but that is a personal decision up to you. I am looking forward to seeing what you finally are able to buy. Best wishes!
To be honest I kind of like the plain jane looking superbee's...no wings, spoilers or rally wheels....;) If the car I end up with doesn't have them I won't be very upset. ;)

I'll probably end up with RWL tires on steel rims with Dog dish caps regardless...I love the look!
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