For Sale 1972 Newport 4dr in salvage yard....Not Mine


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Jan 23, 2013
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Tukwila, WA
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Don't know who all would be interested but Pick-n-Pull in Tacoma Wa has a 1972 Newport for picking over. Went there today and grabbed a few items for myself. Rear pumpkin has been pulled, no radiator, fan or ps setup. Does have a 440, trans and surprisingly a front disc brake setup still up for grabs. Front grill looks to be intact.
Thanks for the heads up! I really want to switch to disc brakes for my 67 . Will give them a call
Should be a forged crank 440. Someone should grab it.
@Funship32 If you return to the picknpull, I would be glad to purchase the trim tag and vin tag and broadcast sheet that's under one of the seats from you.
Very curious if it is a real 440 car.

Thanks for posting. Wish it was in my state as I'd go grab some parts.