1974 Fury Gran Sedan dual line exhaust build


Aug 7, 2017
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Versailles, France
Hi C-bodies-Friends,
I'm going to replace the exhaust of my 1974 Fury Gran Sedan. Currently it's a single line, with 2 mufflers, a big one before the rear axle, and a smaller one after the rear axle. It will be a dual exhaust line. I will go to a local shop to make the dual lines, but I nee help regarding the choice of the mufflers.
First, I 'm looking for mufflers that will let the engine sound like a V8 and not like a lawnmover, but are not too loud. What brand/model would you recommend for car that will be used mostly in towns/urban areas (and not in the middle of the desert or on a race track without any sound limitations hahaha...)? Most of us love to make noise, but we sure all love our neighbours too ;)
Then, can someone explain or guide me about center, or offset inlet/outlet ? What are the pros and cons of one or another choice?
Generaly, any help, vids with sound of your setups/configurations appreciated !
Exhaust note is personal preference. I always prefer the Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers. The inlet/outlet location doesn't matter so much if you are starting from scratch. However Chrysler usually went with offset inlet and center outlet.

Considering where you live it may come down to what is available and or affordable.