61 Dodge Pioneer Wagon disc conversion


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May 3, 2014
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Ok guys I've been tearing my hair out trying to do a disc brake conversion on my 61 wagon. I have scoured the Internet looking for spindles that will swap onto this car but everywhere I look I have hit a dead end. I have an email into fatmanfab.com to see if they have anything to help out as well. My question to all you is.....Are there any factory spindles made by any manufacturer (mopar, ford, GM) that will make a suitable swap candidate for this seemingly oddball car?? I have a set of suicide Linc spindles on it now but it really messes with the geometry of everything as they are roughly 2.5 inches taller than the stock spindles. Im almost to the point of cutting and welding up a custom set to make this possible. Any ideas???
I seem to have answered my own question but figured I would share what I found. A company called Scarebird makes a ton of disc brake conversions that allow you to use your factory spindle with their bolt on caliper plate and a few newer parts from the parts store or junk yard and taadaa you have disc's up front for about 300 bucks.
I have a 59 Dodge Coronet, not sure whether it's the same suspension setup as your '61 ??

On it's way to me now is a disc brake setup from a 78 Dodge Aspen that's "supposed " to be a relatively easy conversion ???.

Though some do say easy, others say not so easy, so I wont really know until I start into it.

I do have on good advice from a respected forward looker that the 78 Aspen setup on my car will work out fine with minimal work so I'm hopeful.

You could also check out AAJ brakes to see what they can help you with .

Lookey here :- http://www.aajbrakes.com/