65 Imperial convertable

Kelly Coleman

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Nov 3, 2021
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perry, Ia
have a chance too buy a 65 convert. 75000 miles, runs, drives, quarters rusty, behind front tires rusty, air doesnt work, radio doesnt work. Everything else seams too. 440 now. typical old car that hasnt had alot of attention. whats it worth??????
Also factor-in the cost of getting the convertible top cylinders and hydraulic pump rebuilt, too, plus any top weatherstrips and latches, too. That can add another couple thousand dollars past getting a new convertible top on it, usually. So be sure to check/test how the top works.

I always liked those cars. Much better than similar Cadillacs, to me. But as much of their body/chassis architecture dates back to 1957, not your typical mid-'60s Chrysler product. FWIW

Sounds like it should be a nice car. Just do a thorough evaluation with "clear-lens glasses on".

How rusty? Any pics of the inside and out? Condition is everything when it come to valuation.
here it is






It looks very complete and even the rust doesn’t look too bad from the pics. Those plastic boot covers are worth $800 + on their own.
The logical thing to do is to determine what these are going for in great condition and add up the things that this one needs to get it to that point. It’s simple math after that But math that doesn’t always add up and that’s where your desire to own it might outweigh investing more in it than it’s actually worth.
I would say it has a separate value if you are just interested in getting it mechanically sound and enjoying it as is without any cosmetics. For my thoughts on that you can send me a private message.
Here's a 67 'vert on FB for comparison. Rougher than the one Kelly is looking at for sure. He's asking $5500.
Asking….that’s a $800 parts car. There’s a ‘65 vert for sale in WA state which would be a better comp.
detmatt the washington car is now in massachusetts and it is solid!! still has some factory exhaust parts...
It has several things going for it:

1) Top boots are present and look nice. That's $600-$800 for a pair, if one needs to source them...like me!
2) Steering wheel doesn't appear to be roached-out or cracked to smithereens.
3) Nice original wheel covers look good.
4) The windows are all down - do they all go UP? Glass all good?
5) The top is down - does it go UP and DOWN smoothly? Is the top any good? Is the center vinyl part of the boot cover present at all (it's easy to get one made, if not)
6) Clear floormat was a period accessory that is worth cleaning up and keeping in the car.
7) I'd look carefully underneath at the floors. And rockers.
8) If you get the car, attack that leather aggressively with a leather cleaner/moisturizer. Use as directed. There are several great sources for this.
9) The dash pad is cracked. These are available new for right at $700. Removal is easy. Installation is a tedious and time-consuming process!
10) Is everything in the trunk that is supposed to be?

Yeah, I get nit-picky on certain things that others may not, and vice-versa.

To me, it's the unknown/unseen element of the amount of overall metalwork it'll need, which is impossible to judge here; other than the obvious exterior sheet metal. NO reproduction sheetmetal is available for the '64-'66 Imperials.

Were I buying the car solely on what I can see from the pics and not knowing the condition of the engine/trans/suspension and the interior and trunk floors, I'd be in it for about $5K. This is contingent on how it runs and drives, and whether the title is valid and in the seller's name. Never, ever touch a "lost title" car in a title-required state!

Ultimately, what is the car worth to YOU??? Is it a fun drive-as-is car for cruises and getting an ice-cream cone? Or are you looking for a suitable car to restore to its 1965 glory?
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