66 Imperial Window Motor Question


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Jul 20, 2015
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Gum Spring, VA
Greetings crew:

Finally started back to work on my '66 Imp this week thanks to all the time at home. Posted an update in the Members Projects forum.

One problem that cropped up involved the left rear window: it went all the way down into the door (my fault) and won't come back up. Oddly, the front switch seems to be working backward, up is down and down is up. Back switch works right when it works.

Right now I just get a light clicking sound down in the body near the motor when I try any switch. Now and then it will give a 'clack' and start to go either up or down, whichever you push. But all it does is twitch - won't come up far enough to do a grab-assist.

I tried jumping the switch with a cliplead at the contacts and got sparks and the same clicks. So it appears to be past the switch in or near the motor. It almost acts like a dead spot on the armature, but I know zip about these window motors.

Does anyone know of there are other years that will fit if I need to replace it, or just '64-'66? The window motors are my biggest nightmare going forward only because I know they need to be pulled, cleaned, and greased, along with the regulators and rails. And my mitts don't fit inside doors as well as they did when I was younger!

That motor will need to come out, in fact I wouldn’t use any of the windows until you’ve gone through all of them, clean and re-grease. These are ‘64-‘66 Imperial only and are not currently available unless you find used ones in working condition.